Photography addict

It started when I was very young… using cameras to capture those moments in time that I wanted to remember forever.  I actually took a limited course at a day camp and developed my own pictures in grade school !!  I still have those first 2 photos.  They were black and white and powerful to me.

I thought the film developing process was ‘neat’, but I  also felt it took too long to see the final product – thank goodness for the digital age now!

These days I’m mostly interested in nature photography.   In my 20’s, it was all about my friends and I while we were out on the town.

I have a Nikon D3200 and have acquired about 4 inexpensive lenses so far.  I LOVE Macro photography and have just purchased a zoom macro lens that I am very anxious to try out !  I still have a lot to learn about my camera but I’ll get there.

I am always learning.. either by searching the internet for bloggers with tips, signing up for email newsletters and tips from professional photographers, or just by trial and error… I welcome any and all info I can get !!

I’ll be sharing my photos from time to time and welcome feedback so I can progress.




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